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Independent Contractor Team

Are you interested in driving for Baylor Trucking?


72 % of the Linehaul plus 100% Fuel Surcharge Reimbursement

You are a business person, and we are going to help you be successful!

Program Highlights

  • Preferred lanes originating in Murfreesboro or Lebanon, TN to Mesquite, TX; Hodgkins, IL, and Horsham, PA . Reloads will vary but priority routing back to TN will be given.
  • Teams will run an between 5500-6000 miles per week.
  • 90% drop and hook with the option of early delivery for trucks running ahead of schedule for improved utilization.
  • 100% No Touch Freight
  • Direct Freight-No in transit stops

Other Offerings

  • Stop-offs: 72% of invoiced stop charge, with a $20 minimum, for each in transit stop-off. Does not include pick up and final stop.
  • Detention: After 3 hours beyond appointment time, at $30 per hour. Bills must be signed noting arrival and departure times. Maximum payment of $150.
  • 100% of any Truck Order Not Used (TONU)

Escrow Program

  • The escrow program for Independent Contractors is now $2000. Baylor will deduct at $120 per week until escrow of $2000 is met.
  • Once escrow is met Independent Contractor may take an advance of up to $500 weekly.
  • A maintenance escrow account is optional.

Plates and Permits

Baylor Trucking operates in all 48 states and Ontario, Canada. Independent Contractors may choose to rent Baylor plates at $45 per week, up to a maximum of 52 weeks. After 26 weeks of rental, an escrow account for plates will be established and deducted at $75 per week. The preferred method is for Independent Contractor to have base plate in their name.

Associated Costs

  • Fuel Taxes - Baylor will calculate all applicable taxes quarterly, and either deduct, or credit.
  • An $8 per week fee will be collected for fuel tax, escrow, insurance, and settlement administration.
  • Qualcomm usage charges will be deducted weekly.
  • Maptuit Navigation available at $10 per month.
  • TCH card fee of $3 per week. Independent Contractors will receive 98% of fuel discounts.
  • An EZ Pass escrow of $500 will be established if Independent Contractor chooses not to have EZ Pass in their name. It will be deducted for 10 weeks, at $50 per week. EZ Pass reconciliation will be done bi-monthly.
  • When applicable, Independent Contractor is responsible for 100% of reefer fuel.

New leases are effective immediately. Lease changes are effective the next settlement period after date signed.

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