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About Baylor Trucking

Baylor Trucking is proud and passionate about creating unique solutions for its customer base. On site personnel, 3PL services, Spotting Services, Dedicated fleets, customized reporting, EDI, online imaged transportation documents are just some of the value added services we provide for shippers.

Baylor utilizes the latest in transportation technology to provide high payload opportunities for Shippers. With our lightweight equipment, Shippers can ship up to 48,500 lbs per truckload and decrease their carbon footprint.




Baylor Trucking was founded in 1946 with entrepreneurial spirit and hard work by Chester Baylor. Chester Baylor returned from WWII and started Baylor Trucking with one truck. With the help of his wife Ruth and their three children, Bonnie, Bob and Steve, Baylor grew hauling commodities such as furniture and paper.


Chester & Kids


Bob Baylor and his wife Beth now oversee the 300 plus truck fleet that is a true story depicting the American Dream. Four generations of Baylor family members have been active in the business. Granddaughters, Emily and Ella help with driver recruiting and intra-company mail distribution.


Chester & Kids


Baylor Trucking headquarters are in Milan, Indiana with terminal locations in Hamilton, Ohio and Portland, Tennessee.


Chester & Kids